Hi everybody, and welcome to part six of “What you need to know about CMMC”. I’m Bob Hanley from Sabre Systems and today we’re going to continue our discussion on the CMMC domains. We’re going to continue through each of the 17 domains and help you in your cyber preparation to become compliant. If you remember, we discussed identification and authentication last week, but today we’re going to discuss media protection, or MP for short. And remember, CMMC is about protecting controlled, unclassified information, or CUI, which includes lim-dis (limited distribution) and FOUO (for official use only).

So, as a refresher, CMMC has five maturity levels with five being the most stringent. Contractors and subcontractors will need to have a minimum level one, but if you’re gonna prime an effort you’re gonna need to have a minimum level three. You can get extra points for level four and level five, but you will have to have a minimum of level three and you will have to ensure that your subcontractors are compliant as well. Read the full script.

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