Welcome back to part 14 of “What you need to know about CMMC”. I’m Bob Hanley from Sabre Systems and today we will continue our discussions on the 17 CMMC domains as we help you and your efforts to be CMMC ready. If you remember, we discussed systems and communication protections last time. Today we’re going to discuss system and information integrity or SI for short and remember CMMC is about protecting controlled, unclassified information or CUI which includes limited distribution (lim-dis) and FOUO (For Official Use Only).

So, where are we in our journey through these CMMC domains? Let me catch up – we’ve already had 13 domains reviewed on my previous blogs so if you’ve missed any of them please go back and get caught up. All of these domains connect, and they relate to each other so they are complementary. So, it is important to look at them all in the context as one group of 17 domains. As we move on think in those terms and get that overall understanding of these domains within that context.

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