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According to the FBI, last year Americans lost almost $7 billion to fraudsters, including $337 million in online shopping and non-delivery scams. The same tactics used on the general public are being used in corporate America, one of the best ways to limit your exposure is with proper training.

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With the return to class we’ve seen an an increase in activity with attacks aimed at K-12 educational institutions. Don’t try to hide from ransomware, Sabre On Point can help you fight with training and customized cybersecurity solutions for any situation. Click or call 1-833-337-6468.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation or a small business. The most important action you can take to protect your organization from cyber threats is to understand your weaknesses. Knowledge is power when it comes to your cybersecurity risk.

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Shield your company, customers and reputation from growing cyber threats.
Sabre Shield, Sabre On Point’s premium Cyber Security solution line offers comprehensive protection.

Sabre Holiday Cyber Tips:

It’s important to keep your guard up during the holidays and year-round. Cybercrime is only becoming more complex and scammers are always finding new ways to trick you into making bad decisions.

Remember, trust, but verify. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. And keep an eye on the folks in your family and around you that may not be so computer savvy. Many of the scams out there prey on the inexperienced and elderly. Create a cyber culture at your home, at work and in your circle of friends.

Sabre On Point posts cyber tips and news on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages regularly. Check us out and follow us for some great insights from our cyber experts. For more holiday cyber tips click the button below.

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Employees can be your #1 security risk.

You need to train your staff. It’s essential to your company's protection. Sabre On Point and our partner Infosec, provide cost effective and effortless solutions to fortify your organization’s overall cybersecurity situation.



Our Sabre Pros can guide you.

First, we will do a compliance assessment. After that, we will use the results to build a system security plan along with a plan of actions and milestones.



Knowledge is power.

Sabre On Point has partnered with Johnson Controls. JCI is a world leader in security and safety solutions. This partnership provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that allows you to stay focused on achieving your business goals and spend less time worrying about security situations.



Ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Sabre On Point will test, detect, then analyze vulnerabilities. After that, we’ll ensure your business is protected from malicious threats.

Why Sabre On Point
Why Sabre On Point?

We have been providing powerful technology solutions to American public sector agencies since 1989. Now we are bringing that insight to businesses (SMBs) in the private sector.

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