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After 30 years of providing mission critical systems and software development services across the federal and civilian markets, Sabre Systems, Inc. has assembled a team of industry leaders focused on providing cyber solutions and digital transformation to commercial markets in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond through Sabre On Point.

About us

Sabre On Point’s cybersecurity services offer comprehensive protection to shield your company, customers and reputation from growing cyber threats. Pulling from the expertise of the defense industry, Sabre On Point has a unique position in the market to service companies in their cybersecurity testing and evaluation, risk management, cyber resiliency, and managed security service needs. Sabre on Point utilizes this expertise to provide high quality solutions for industries of all sizes in a technology-driven environment.

Sabre On Point’s team of specialists will provide your organization with the tools and knowledge you can use to securely interact with a rapidly changing cyberspace.

About us

Who we Serve:

Over the past decade, the technology space has rapidly evolved and left many organizations struggling to catch up. Sabre On Point recognizes the difficulty organizations of all sizes have in catching up and has worked to create scalable and customizable solutions to fit all organizations across the country. Sabre On Point has leveraged a strategic position to provide expertise and assist organizations in all areas of cybersecurity and digital transformations.

Cybersecurity is a business concern, not just an information technology concern. Sabre On Point’s unique background allows us to assist organizations in understanding the overall risk cybersecurity has to business operations through our offerings.

Sabre On Point provides decades of experience with multiple compliance frameworks that drive organizational goals and initiatives for companies across the globe. Utilizing this experience, Sabre On Point has developed a customized portfolio of services that will help your company with becoming compliant, staying compliant, and keeping ahead of the technology curve.


Microsoft Partner - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity
Certified Ethical Hacker - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity
CompTIA Network Certified - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity
redhat certified engineer - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity
CISCO Certified CCNA - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity Services
PMP - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity Services
CISM Certified Information Security Manager - Sabre On Point Cybersecurity Services
GSEC Security Essentials Certification


Sabre on Point works with MSPs, MSSPs, and IT firms of all sizes to provide their customers with the knowledge and assistance to create secured environments; to assist our customers in providing the experience and support they need to achieve their security goals.

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Our Team:

Sabre Systems, Inc. has spent the last 30 years bringing together a group of highly qualified professionals and thought leaders across the federal government and commercial sectors to build a team of dedicated specialists to provide our customers with industry leading knowledge. Sabre Systems and Sabre on Point work collaboratively to build a culture which inspires personal and corporate growth to assist our customers with the rapidly evolving technology space.

About us

Philip Jaurigue

Founder, Chairman & CEO

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Robert Hanley

Vice President, Cyber Solutions Architect

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Paul Hartzler

Director, Software Development

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Tim Walters

Director of Sales and Operations

Some of our Customers:

Dept of Defense
United States Army
United States Marine Corps
United States Coast Guard
United States Air Force