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A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, is your company prepared? Sabre On Point can assist your company in detecting, analyzing, and testing vulnerabilities. Ensuring your business is protected from malicious threats.

Penetration Testing

A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, is your company prepared? Even with insight into their vulnerabilities, few companies understand the true risk and impact a vulnerability can cause. Sabre On Point provides penetration testing to simulate tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers. Subsequent penetration testing will assist your company in mitigating current vulnerabilities. Therefore establishing future cybersecurity procedures to protect you and your reputation.

Managed Security Services
Your network, applications and information systems are constantly changing. Creating potential new vulnerabilities to your organization. Is your business up to speed with these risks? Sabre On Point’s internal vulnerability scans provides you with a 360° view of your environment. Helping to identify and assist with reducing potential threats. Our external vulnerability scan simulates how an outside hacker would see your organization if they were planning an attack. Combined, we will be able to assist with identifying cyber threats. We’ll work with you to help mitigate your exposures.
Social Engineering
One of the primary methods used by cyber attackers against organizations is social engineering. How prepared is your organization to defend against these attacks? Sabre On Point’s social engineering evaluation will examine your weaknesses. Identifying employee patterns, determine high risk targets and testing your workforce with multiple controlled campaigns. Upon competition of the campaigns, we’ll develop a report on our findings. Providing you a roadmap to a customized solution that best fits your business needs.
Software & Web Application Testing
Did you know that 79% of web applications allow access to sensitive information? Sabre On Point’s assessments can assist in reducing your organizational risks. Our customized solution is safely run on live or test environments. Including multiple comprehensive scans and reviews to determine if your applications are vulnerable. We will ensure your applications are optimized. To limit downtime, protect from breaches and assist in mitigating attacks. Keeping hackers from obtaining sensitive information. Sabre On Point helps you stay ahead of the attackers to secure your organization.
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Let Sabre On Point's team of cyber experts guide you. Each organization has unique situations and individual goals. We’ll work with you to ensure a solution is tailored to suit your needs.