Vulnerability Scanning



84% of companies currently have what would be considered high risk vulnerabilities on their networks…chances are, you’re one of them. An internal and external vulnerability scan provides you a 360° view of your network to identify and reduce risks.

Conducting an internal vulnerability scan empowers your company to protect itself from cyberattacks that could breach your network defense. An external vulnerability scan will identify how a potential hacker could threaten your network from the outside. Testing for these vulnerabilities is essential in preserving your network security.

Sabre On Point’s vulnerability scans are the most effective way to minimize threats inside and outside of your network.

The percent of companies with risk factors

The Internal Vulnerability Scan

An internal vulnerability scan of your company network will expose potential risks from missed patches to misconfigured devices. This scan gives you a detailed view of your company’s internal network environment. Discovering all computers, servers and devices. It will also identify systems that are at risk of a cybersecurity attack.

The External Vulnerability Scan

With an external vulnerability scan our cyber experts will perform a cyber assessment simulating the actions of an external hacker trying to breach your network. Our specialists will examine both vulnerability scan results and advise your security team on remediation options for any identified issues.