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Sabre Shield is Sabre On Point’s premium cyber security solution.
It will assist your business in developing, managing and maintaining a cybersecurity program. Protection that will shield your company, customers and reputation from growing cyber threats.

24X7 Security Operations Center
24/7/365 Security Operations Center

On average, companies take nearly 6 months to detect a data breach. Our 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) is always on. Monitoring and providing constant analysis of your company’s network traffic. Immediate action is critical if problems occur. Identifying and reporting potential problems before they cripple your organization is key. Sabre On Point will provide strategic consulting with your organization and has the tools to keep you cyber ready.

Employee Awareness & Training
Employees can be front line defenders to identify and report potential risks to the organization. Cybersecurity training helps to ensure that your staff know how to recognize potential risks. Phishing attacks, office security issues and device management are just some of the challenges. Sabre On Point’s awareness and training solutions are the key. Providing a cost effective roadmap to increase your organization’s overall cybersecurity maturity.
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The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an essential employee. The CISO facilitates all company activities around implementing and supporting information security initiatives. Ensuring the company’s cybersecurity posture. Our Sabre Professionals will help build and maintain a custom information security program. One that aligns with your business objectives. Helping you to mitigate potential risks and determine acceptable level of risk. Our Virtual CISO will work with executive leadership and IT staff to ensure company security.
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Let Sabre On Point's team of cyber experts guide you. Each organization has unique situations and individual goals. We’ll work with you to ensure a solution is tailored to suit your needs.