Employee Awareness and Training



Employees can be your #1 security risk. Arm your employees to be assets rather than liabilities. Make them front line defenders. Identifying and reporting potential risks. 

Awareness and regular training are essential to reduce the risks of human error. Of the millions of cyberattacks that happen each year almost half target small businesses. Negligent employees, contractors and third-party vendors dominate the cause of enterprise data breaches.

Sabre On Point’s Awareness and Training program is a 12-month program managed by our cybersecurity experts.

Percent of breaches due to human error.

What You Get

The program consists of a variety of training materials. Including videos, newsletters and more. The training will educate employees on cybersecurity issues. Including password security, social engineering, malware, safe web browsing, physical security, and more. We’ll test your employees using real life scenarios, like simulated phishing campaigns.

To prove it works, monthly reporting is generated to track progress. Training goals are achieved. It’s easy, training takes place through our web portal. There is nothing to install. Employees can train at home or at their desks.

Employee Awareness and Training

Segments of our training are provided by our technology partner INFOSEC. Empowering people to be cyber-safe at work and home. Helping IT and security professionals achieve their career goals.