Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint empowers your team with dynamic internal sites for any project team, department, and division. Share files, data, news, and resources seamlessly throughout your organization.


Workflow automations are the most powerful, yet often underutilized, features of Microsoft SharePoint that can help your organization run like a well-oiled machine.


Sabre On Point can integrate SharePoint with many modern business systems for accounting, inventory, HR, purchasing, and project management.


Microsoft SharePoint Online has industry-leading security and data encryption. This gives you more peace of mind than on-premise infrastructure.

Tailored SharePoint Experience

Our years of experience with Sharepoint means we know how to customize it to best serve your needs and processes.

  • Custom Branded Intranet
  • Optimized for Different Roles
Agile Development

Sabre OnPoint is experienced in agile software development and execution, we can work with your agile process or help your team learn about it.

Sabre developers are Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD), specializing in Microsoft SharePoint and other services, providing our clients with industry recognized best practices in analyzing and designing enterprise solutions.

Download our whitepaper

Microsoft SharePoint whitepaper

In this whitepaper, you’ll:

  1. Get Ideas for SharePoint Solutions
  2. Learn How to Develop and Utilize SharePoint
  3. Find out the most common benefits for SharePoint