Welcome to part 13 on “What you need to know about CMMC”. I’m Bob Hanley. from Sabre Systems and today we will continue our discussions on the 17 CMMC domains as we help you in your efforts to be CMMC ready. Don’t be left behind.

SC has two level one two level two and fifteen level three practices that we will discuss today. The SC domain contains 27 overall practices making it the largest domain in the CMMC framework. Today we will address only the first three CMMC levels encompassing 19 practices and we will focus on two capabilities: defining security requirements for systems and communications and controlling communications at system boundaries.

Let’s look at the two level one requirements. The first practice requires you to monitor control and protect organizational communications at the external boundaries and key internal boundaries of information systems. You should set up the network for your company with the goal of keeping the company’s information and resources safe. You will need a router, a hardware device that routes data from a local area network to another network connection that has a built-in firewall. Make sure you configure it to limit access to trustworthy sites and guess what some of your co-workers will probably complain that they can’t get access to certain websites they previously have visited. Ensure them that you understand that, but that some of those websites are blocked because they are known for spreading malware or other malicious code that could damage your network.

The second level one practice requires you to implement sub networks for publicly accessible system components that are physically or logically separated from internal networks. So you may need a public website. Use a router and a firewall to create a DMC to do this host the server separately from the company’s internal network and make sure the network has the correct security firewall rules. Public access can then be provided safely while keeping your company’s internal network protected. Read the full script.

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