Welcome to part 5 of “What you need to know about CMMC”. I’m Bob Hanley from Sabre Systems. Today we’re going to continue our discussions on the CMMC domains. Like I said, this is part five, hopefully you’ve already looked at our previous four parts on CMMC, there are 17. If you remember, we discussed identification and authentication last time, but today we’re going to turn our focus to maintenance, also known by the acronym “MA”.

So, remember CMMC is about protecting controlled, unclassified information or CUI, which includes lim-dis – limited distribution, or FOUO – for official use only. So, CUI is the term that we focus in, in on CMMC. So, as a refresher CMMC has five maturity levels with five being the most stringent. All contractors and subcontractors will have to meet the minimum level one requirements for CMMC to compete on these contracts. Prime contractors will need to have a minimum of level three and prime contractors are also going to be responsible for their subs to ensure that they have the appropriate CMMC level certification. Read the full script.

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