Phishing attempts have gone up 667% in just the last month.  Sabre On Point’s cyber security services offer comprehensive protection to shield your company, customers and reputation from growing cyber threats.

Below are some free tips for teleworking to assist with keeping your staff cyber-ready. If you’d like to chat with us about more comprehensive protection, Sabre On Point can provide consulting with exercise situations. Our professionals will walk your staff through unique scenarios to ensure that the damage is limited, and recovery is fast and comprehensive. Ask about a free assessment today.

In the meantime, here are some tips…

  • Create strong passwords: Be sure they include a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Make them difficult enough that someone can’t guess them.
  • Update your router’s software: Home routers should be updated to the most current software and secured with a lengthy, unique passphrase which is changed often.
  • Use only devices approved by your organization: Avoid using personal computers, tablets and cellphones to work.
  • Think before you click: Avoid downloading or clicking on unknown links in emails. If you have any cause for concern, call the sender first. Hackers are using fake websites to trick you into giving sensitive information or to install malware onto your device.
  • Update your devices: If you are using a personal device that’s been approved for teleworking, be sure that it is running the most current operating system and that your web browsers and other applications are also up to date. Also be sure you are running an up-to-date, modern anti-virus software solution. Updates include important changes that improve the performance and security of your devices.
  • Contact your IT help desk: If you need technical support, contact your organization’s IT department. Don’t try to fix technical issues yourself.
  • When using Zoom: Stop Zoombombs, restrict user access (i.e. screen sharing), implement virtual waiting rooms and stay private to help keep attackers out of sensitive meetings.
  • Disconnect Devices at Night: Completely shut down your work computers each night, to limit the amount of time a device is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Sabre on Point Provides an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity services and digital transformation for small businesses to large enterprises. Visit Sabre On Point’s website and click our free assessment button on the top right corner to see how Sabre On Point can help you.

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