The options for file storage, document editing, sharing, and transportation are seemingly endless, with each platform claiming to be the latest, greatest, and most secure home for a company’s daily flow of information. Now, more than ever, it’s important to trust your business’s most prized digital possessions with networks you already know you can count on. SharePoint has paired with Office 365 to continue to provide services that are both cutting edge and reliable. Here are five benefits of using a SharePoint Online site for everyday management of services and information.

  1. Edit simultaneously in Microsoft Office.

Office 365 has nearly the full functional capabilities of the client-side product. That means all of your documents can be opened, edited, and shared right in a web browser. Coauthoring options provide access to multiple users so your team can work together seamlessly and in real time. We all know collaboration is key to growth and productivity, and now your team’s efforts can even be trackable. Task completion can be tracked easily with automations using SharePoint workflow. 

  1. Access work from any device, anywhere.

As long as you can jump on a hotspot or join someone’s Wi-Fi, SharePoint Online can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device, from cell phone to desktop. Office 365 and SharePoint work together to make emails, documents, and presentations easily accessible. Updates can even be made to files while offline during traveling, with those changes uploaded and updated as soon as you’re back online. Sabre On-Point can integrate SharePoint with many modern business systems for accounting, inventory, HR, purchasing, and project management to further enhance freedom and flexibility. Your company’s mobile productivity will be higher than ever with these tools always at your fingertips. 

  1. Share files without emailing them.

With the user-friendly cloud sharing system of SharePoint, emailing files back and forth will quickly become a tedious task of the past. Using SharePoint, files can be shared for either viewing only or editing collaboration with just a click of a button. Owners of the files have full authority over what documents are shared with each additional user, as well as the level of access provided. Edits occur in real time and are backed up and updated within each document automatically, so you’ll never have to feel that panic of forgetting to hit that save button.

  1. Keep files secure during transit and at rest.

Companies are often hesitant to switch to a cloud-based network because of security concerns, but SharePoint and Office 365 provide multiple layers of security during every stage in the lifespan of each and every file. Office 365 allows various levels of data encryption for sensitive information and never attempts to access data for its own advertising. Companies can also decide to house all data in the regional center of their choosing, even if the preferred region is located outside of the country. Rest easy that your precious company cargo is safe and secure with SharePoint.

  1. Share limited access to files with external users.

Employees are given ownership over their own personal site, known as My Sites, in OneDrive for Business that can be synced with the internet browser and Office 365 products being used by that person. Each My Site houses cloud storage space for documents that can be shared, edited, and accessed by external users of the owner’s choosing. Selective sharing means outside users will never be given access to the company’s entire network, only those files that the owner of a My Site has specified. Guest Links can even be created to establish Read and Edit permissions for each individual user, making it simple and secure to build trust and increase growth.

SharePoint and Office 365 offer the tools companies need to foster a simple, secure, and successful working environment. Sabre On Point can optimize these services by tailoring them to each organization, creating a unique and personalized experience that’s sure to increase your business’s growth and productivity. For more information on how to use these products to your advantage, contact Sabre On Point today.