Holiday Cyber Tips


Tips for Home, Office or on the Move

Tis the season for holiday scams and you need to be on guard. We publish cyber tips from our experts every Tuesday on Facebook and LinkedIn, make sure you check them out. Below are some quick tips that can help keep you out of harms way this holiday season.

At Home

  • Remember if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
  • If someone is reaching out to YOU with a deal, may want to think twice.
  • Make sure whatever you order has a tracking number. If you order online and there is no tracking information you may want to follow up with the vendor, and fast.
  • Make payments with a credit card and not your debit card or bank account. If something does go wrong, in most cases it’s easier to dispute a charge and recover from something tied to the card company than it would be with your bank.

At the Office

  • Always lock your devices when they are unattended. When leaving your computer unlocked while you’re away, anyone can access your data.
  • If your desk is messy, there’s a chance you might have some sensitive information just lying there. Put your notes away to avoid anyone seeing them and potentially copying them. Plus, if your desk is a mess, you might not even notice if someone steals something.
  • Working from home? Keep your VPN on to protect your company’s data from falling into the wrong hands. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and secures your data by encrypting it, keeping any cybercriminals from stealing it.
  • Contact Sabre On Point for help with your cyber or digital transformation needs.

On the Move

  • Be very careful about what data your mobile apps need. Some apps shouldn’t need access to your contacts, messages, location, camera, and microphone, so be aware of what they ask for and uninstall them if those requests seem suspicious.
  • Only use networks that you trust. While the public Wi-Fi might seem safe and convenient, you never know who’s listening in for sensitive information.
  • Have you ever seen an enticing looking flyer while out that features a website or QR Code? Despite how legitimate they may look, don’t immediately trust them. These could be phishing scams, just like those sent via email, trying to steal your information or compromise your devices.

It’s important to keep your guard up during the holidays and year-round. Cybercrime is only becoming more complex and scammers are always finding new ways to trick you into making bad decisions. Remember, trust, but verify. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. And keep an eye on the folks in your family and around you that may not be so computer savvy. Many of the scams out there prey on the inexperienced and elderly. Create a cyber culture at your home, at work and in your circle of friends.