PSIGEN + Sabre On Point = Great Partnership

Optimize SharePoint with
Compatible Capture and Indexing

Sabre On Point Partners – PSIGEN

SharePoint allows for collaboration throughout the organization, but how can you provide an easy-to-use, flexible onramp to capture paper documents into your SharePoint Document Libraries? PSIGEN has the answer. PSIcapture provides a direct integration with SharePoint, which allows users to capture documents, extract data and route indexed documents directly into the appropriate SharePoint Libraries and Folders.

By connecting with your SharePoint site, PSIcapture is able to look up existing data from your site to populate index fields. Indexed data can be mapped to a SharePoint site’s Managed Metadata, Libraries and Content Types, so that when documents are routed to the SharePoint site, the indexed data will be attached to the appropriate fields designated in SharePoint. Users can also create a file-naming scheme and dynamic folder structures directly from PSIcapture.

PSicapture adds incredible depth to its already impressive feature set.

How it Works

Sabre On Point Partners – PSIGEN
PSIcapture is PSIGEN’s flagship product and leads the industry as the premier advanced document capture software. The lasting result is a more productive end user, using fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes, while accomplishing complex and powerful document workflows.